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November 17, 2011


Ann has had some very profound wins recently in her Solo NOTS auditing.
I’ll let her tell you about it:

I have two successes to share.

One is the recognition of the state of Clear OT.

This is the state of being Clear as an OT. Words cannot adequately describe the state. It must be experienced to be really understood. It can be explained mechanically but that is rather dry.

I was slow to come to the recognition of the state. I can’t say when this actually occurred, only what I suspect. L-10 pulled the underpinnings for this and soloing NOTs allowed me to see it. Once I suspected this I began word clearing, words I already knew, to gain a new perspective and boy did I. It was obvious something had changed. The definitions of Clear, OT, Clear OT, Track, Case, Bank etc took on new meaning as is so common when we advance upon the Bridge and re-read some LRH. How many times over the course of decades have I re-read KSW and found new meaning, certainly after significant bridge actions. This was the same. I knew there had been some change and reading the HCOB really indicated. It is a wonderful state that has changed the way my soloing runs. Running Solo NOTs is now much simpler, faster and easier.

The second win is based on location being a Lie. We are all familiar with this piece of data but today I see it clearly for what it really means and its implications concerning case, the bank the time track, NOTS case etc. It is all a lie. That statement doesn’t solve it for anyone as it has to be experienced. Never-the –less that statement is the simple truth of it. The cognition occurs when it occurs. We are not where we believe we are, our cases are not what we believe they are either. This does not mean we are not responsible for them as we certainly are, but it does mean much of what we believe to be true is smoke and mirrors designed to fool a being into being less able.

I now have a very subjecting understanding of it.

I am not really here but by consideration.

This is not my case but by consideration.

It is really the misidentified case of others superimposed upon my perceived location here in the mest universe.

Or I suppose put another way, it is my interiorization into a perceived location in the mest universe containing case I perceive to be mine.

And that is more of a package than I ever anticipated.



Kate had a series of blow out wins recently on her L10,
culminating in her achieving the state of Clear OT!

I am TOTALLY in present time, like never before.

NOTHING can shake this…. NOTHING!

I have spent the week getting used to myself and myself in relation to everything else in this universe.

I have had to get used to everyone all over again I deal with on a daily basis as well as my new self. One thing that puzzled me was WHY do I have to do this? What changed? I cogged that within the last couple of weeks I have grown used to being exterior and being myself and because of this I am looking at others as themselves not their valences. I can KNOW someone instantly because of this. Obviously a person needs to know the tech of tone levels to know the correct manner within which to deal with others but it is a great joy to communicate with others as themselves and not talk to a valence. I fall in love with everyone I meet.

My ability to reach has increased tremendously. I can see clearly that PTSness has caused my reach to be blunted. The PTSness has come off of me in layers. The abilities I’ve lost due to the PTSness have returned. I am taking chances now that I never would have done in the past and having tremendous wins because of it.

Because of this increased reach my intelligence has increased. I am more willing to see what is there not what I think is there. My ability to solve the little problems in life has increased beyond what I ever believed possible.

I acknowledge the opinions and concerns of others but just do whatever the hell I want to do anyway. (giggle) This his such a relief. I had to really BE myself before looking at what I can “DO”. I understand now why the Ls are laid out the way they are. Don’t stop at L-12. You will do yourself a great disservice. Really! Through L-10 the beingness I addressed on L-12 has just expanded exponentially. There’s just more ME now. I am stably exterior without an identity now. This condition is AWESOME.

Thanks to my wonderful auditor who has helped me every step of the way.

This is just an incredible condition to experience.

Thank You LRH for this Tech!



I finished Jason on his Grade 4 today. Big wins all around.
We also started him on his L11.
Trey Lotz

Here is his success:

After eons of playing hide and seek in the universe, with the universe, the
radiant splendor that is ME is finally returning. I’m back home.

Like the sun obscured by the moon during an eclipse,
that is what I have been reducing my space to
for lifetimes without number.

But the ‘illusion’ was that I was ever that small. The game was to hide
myself, almost like a cosmic Icarus, afraid that if I rose too high, my wings
would melt beneath the weight and searing heat of my own grand beingness.
How many ancient myths and legends have I believed as justification for
being small.

To be good. To be safe. To be anything other than me.

Well I’m back in all my refulgent (shining brightly) luminosity.

The eclipse has ended and the sun is bright!



Bryan was only in town for a few days, so we went A to B and
finished his set ups for L11.

He had at one point thrown all his Scientology books out and washed
his hands of the tech out of frustration for the treatment that he had gotten in the
Church, but decided to give it one more shot.

His comment after finishing was that the auditing had been a “Smokin’ Hot Deal!”

Here is his success:

I am very happy with this action as it went very smoothly and picked up a lot of areas.

I couldn’t have asked for better results since everything I had my attention on has been


I had two L11 completions this week!
Willie attested to Clear a few weeks ago, and now
he has completed L11! The phenomena he describes
are typical of Ls wins.

Here is his success story:

This has been one of the most craziest, most intense actions for me.
Half the time I would leave the session going….

“What the heck was that!?”

“How did that just blow?”

And then sheets of charge would blow hours and days later.
Cognitions occurred all throughout the day and even my face got a little
thinner while my body weight increased.

My perceptions are razor sharp. I feel SANE, and unrepressed.

In short, I feel much more myself, calm and comfortable, with an extremely positive
view of life and my future in it.

Trey rocks, as does LRH.



Bryan was only in town for a few days, so we went A to B and
finished his set ups for L11.

He had at one point thrown all his Scientology books out and washed
his hands of the tech out of frustration for the treatment that he had gotten in the
Church, but decided to give it one more shot.

His comment after finishing was that the auditing had been a “Smokin’ Hot Deal!”

Here is his success:

I am very happy with this action as it went very smoothly and picked up a lot of areas.

I couldn’t have asked for better results since everything I had my attention on has been



Manuel got interested in Scientology, did a few basic
courses in the Church, and then decided to do his auditing
in the Independent Field.

He wrote me about some of his wins.


I appreciate having you as my auditor. You have a profound command of the Tech, and artfully apply the right processes needed to move my case forward.

Last week I received a promotion at work, and I’m now in charge of 62 employees. I attribute this to an increased ability to communicate and the removal of old barriers and fixed ideas that previously held me back. Both of these wins came about from our auditing sessions and listening to LRH lectures daily in my car to and from work.

In addition to my promotion, I’m happier than ever, my postulates are working, I have many good friends, communication with my daughters is at an all-time high, I’m on a winning tennis team, and I enjoy being in present time in my own universe.

I’ll sum it up, “I’m Winning!”

Thanks for all of the good that you do.


Trey Lotz


A few days ago, Kate had one of those blow out wins on L10 where you aren’t sure what really happened.
Later I got this email from her. She continued to have wins all week from this, finding more and more
new things she could easily do.

Dear Trey:

My intelligence has greatly increased!

I am figuring stuff out on the computer I was never able to understand before yesterday.
This morn was trying to figure our something and tonight it was EASY! Lots of things.

I am amazed! When I drove home I easily chose a more efficient route and ignored the GPS and got home quicker.
I also had this cog that I am never again going to handle a problem by assuming another beingness.

How silly!

Everything is easier to figure out. This is so incredible!!

I understand people MUCH better too. Not some glow it right thing but just obnosis.

It’s as if I’ve been stupid for eons and a light bulb has turned on.



Ren just finished his L11 and L12.
These Rundowns not only sweep up the past, but set you
up for the future, a future of your own making.


My wins on L11 & 12 were so vast and many I could not even begin to speak of them in common terms.

Gaining the true understanding of one’s individual, precious and eternal life, rising-up to know again with certainty that one can HAVE all that one seeks along all 8 of the dynamics is the stuff of mystical legend, the stuff on which the great Masters meditated long and poets and wise men have written volumes.

On the Ls I fully realized (brought fully into existence) my post as a creative Being, not only in this lifetime, but for as far into the foreseeable future of this universe as I care to imagine. That these majestic heights could be attained, at last, was my dream come true. Thank you for these gifts, Trey, for they are indeed gifts, passed down to me from LRH directly, but only made possible by your dedication to his pure, unaltered directives.

Since finishing L12, anything that comes into my space that doesn’t belong there just vanishes.

That I could attain such rewards on L10 and 12, and did so, is something quite beyond the capacity of a page or two of common ink to contain.

So I resort to the craft I love most to share a few of my “New Life” observations, with the added hope that I might convey a glimpse of my gratitude and admiration for you and for LRH.



If a whole life’s measure was but one poem
Written in blood and flesh and bone
Let it be this:
One universal nursery rhyme
That sings to spirits and never dies
One death destroying melody, transcending
Matter – space and time;

One honest monument, to caring expressed
Firmly declaring to able beings all:
I came – I left and by my hand
I do attest: I loved
I laughed
I paid the price for beauty
And for freedom;


Signed R.
8 – 28 – 2011
Poet Laureate of The New Civilization

Inspired by the unyielding dedication and immeasurable contributions to
Mankind’s spiritual freedom by L. Ron Hubbard. and my auditor, Mr. Trey Lotz.
Los Angeles, California.


Major progress on a subject that was a major ruin!
Here is Steve’s success:

I feel much more confident with people. I can separate myself more from others and hold my position in space.

This allows me to have a viewpoint from which I can originate and receive comm in a relaxed manner.

I enjoy conversations now instead of wondering what to say to keep the comm going.

Also I can recognize that others are being uncommunicative and not feel compelled to “get in comm with them.”

Very Nice changes!


Trey Lotz

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