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Dan Koon and Mariette Lindstein of Mountain View California

Dan is also known as TRs student Joe Howard in the only remaining tech film (unless Miscavige has burned all copies recently) directed by LRH. During the making of that film, LRH’s conversation with Dan and his twin, wherein the former clearly demonstrated how an appropriate acknowledgment should land, was taped and played during at least one Int event. During his 27 year SO career, Dan served for fourteen years in LRH Tech Compilations, five years in International Marketing, and held the Senior C/S International post in 1997. Dan had auditing tapes approved by LRH when he was a Qual Auditor during LRH’s last extended period of contact with the Sea Org during the late seventies. He was also commended by LRH for cracking a staff member’s case in a cramming session.

Mariette Lindstein served eight years in executive positions in international management and another five years in RTC. When Mariette was swept out of AVC (while it was in RTC) in the late nineties as part of a massive hey-you transfer by Miscavige, eval tech pretty much went with her.

I don’t think Dan’s TRs have gone out since LRH put them in in 1978. He was one of the few people directly on DM’s lines who never got struck physically. I think it was because Dan temporarily as-is’d Miscavige’s bank when it was within range.
Mariette and Dan are some of the most pleasurable people to be in the same space with. They have a world of tech and admin knowledge and experience between them. They still use it to make them successful in their lives today; Mariette as a photographer and caregiver, Dan as a painter and writer. I highly recommend that anyone in the Bay Area, or anyone traveling through the area, try to spend some time with them. It will be time well spent.

Contact: dankoon1@sbcglobal.net

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  1. Life Improvement Center

    May 4th, 2010 02:42 AM

    Boy, Dan, do I remember that movie when I was made to watch it over and over again!! haha Maybe one day you and Mariette will come visit us in Washington! We live and run our field practice in a beautiful secluded area overlooking a lake. We will be hosting the Freezone Convention here in Sept. I will send you a separate email about that.

    ML, Anita Warren

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