Hubbard Family (video)

from Candy Swanson’s Facebook:

Bel Ferradj Good ol’ Mary Sue! I remember meeting her the very first time, her hair was so unusually attractive for her age. That was June 1968 in Algiers when I was the ship’s rep in the other side of the world and I had to go to the Algiers airport to assist her entry into Algeria where she was re-joining the Royal Scotman, she was coming in with another SO oldie, Bill Howey, tall lanky Bill, from a mission in Saint Hill UK at the GO’s office….

Candy Swanson I heard that the old man wouldn’t let her cut her hair. that’s why she was always pushing it upwards, off her face with her hand, as it grew longer and longer.

Bel Ferradj
Great picture of my late “twin” during the Class VIII course, he certainly was a great mix of both LRH and MSH genes.

Candy Swanson I was also his auditor aboard the Apollo: you can see how comfortable we are next to each other, so close; I was uptight when I saw Heber, who is on the other side of Quentin, and we’re talking to Bobby Lyons, another pc of mine in the early days of Celebrity Center.

Bel Ferradj I too did audit Quentin for quite a while, his father being the C/S. Funny, come to think about it, I audited the entire family at one time or another, including the father in Morocco. Candy you and I must have similar views and perceptions: I never did like Heber Jentz, ever! He came across as an arrogant shmuck!

Candy Swanson absolutely! he must have a small prick…I never did see it; not interested in anything beyond his theta music! in his space were too many platitudes from his Mormon upbringing, which permeated his mental space.

Candy Swanson the lovely Diana, great photo! wish I could take the credit, but was taken by a pro photo, my bf at the time, non scn…love that guy and his work made it all look great in b and white and color tool.

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  1. Mrs. Ethier says:

    Candy Swanson is fascinating woman. Having met her I was very impressed with her personal presence and kind personality. Aloha :)

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    • Thank you Catherine, for your kind words. It was so fortunate for me that I was able to drive to your home Christmas before last and spend 8 hours with you and Pierre in Canada! There’s nothing as good as getting to know someone in their own home. You are a terrific cook and fed us well. I enjoyed each of you and your beautiful hospitality!There was snow outside, but the warmth of your home I carried with me all the way back to my son’s. Aloha, Candy

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