In the last two weeks I have done 2 Clear checks where the
person proved out as Clear.

In both cases, the state had been
buried under the person’s own and others’ invalidation and

In both cases, once the state was cleaned up and validated,
there was a tremendous release of emotion and they both felt
a huge feeling of relief.

This is typical of the more than 20 Clear checks that I have done
in recent years.

It makes a huge difference when a person is able to fully own
something which is a very deep truth about themselves.

Here is Phil’s success story:

I am astonished by how light and easy Trey’s auditing was in
helping me to find out that I have been Clear from
my past life and in the rehabilitation of this state 51 years
after I had attained it.





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Posted on May 5th, 2015 | Category: Announcements


Catherine has been involved in Eastern religious studies and practices
for many years. She is a published author, her most recent book, available on Amazon,
is “Shortcuts to Mindfulness.”

She also has a Masters degree in Psychology and has her own
successful counseling practice here in Los Angeles.

She contacted me a few years ago and was interested in getting
some auditing. I audited her up through Dianetics, and she attained
the state of Clear!

We then did L11!

One of the great things for me in practicing the tech independently, is that
I have had the freedom to audit several wonderful people, people such as
Catherine and others, who either were or would
be denied auditing in the orgs for completely arbitrary reasons.

The church routinely bars people from getting auditing
who have a sincere interest and reach to attain
greater levels of spiritual freedom.

For myself, I am more than happy to audit them.
They have all had great wins with the tech.

Here is Catherine’s success story:

L-11 held many wonderful openings for me. One of the main things I gained is that the energy between myself and others now flows more freely, with less impediment, and that higher caliber people have begun showing up.

For days after the sessions, the outflows of energy and openings would continue. The reorganizations after the session would last for hours, sometimes days.

Two major breakthroughs happened:

First was a huge spiritual breakthrough: I saw that everything everyone is doing is out of love for each other, every effort, every Facebook post, every item created, it’s all out of such enormous love and care and caring and trying to lift us all up.

I had never seen the enormity of this love; I’d been seeing it wrong all my life. Because of this I had been misinterpreting everything, everything everyone says, their motives, their attitudes.

We all care so deeply; I saw the DEPTH of it: This deep abiding love we all have for each other. WE ALL SO DEEPLY LOVE EACH OTHER

The other huge breakthrough was when I saw that the many overts perpetrated against me in the hospital system and elsewhere: OTHERS COULD CONTINUE TO BE SO DEEPLY UNEVOLVED and that it was never as I saw it – I saw that all these overts and people and things that seem so vile and cruel are really unevolved rather than the way I saw them. All the overts committed against me in this life have been by people who are not at the level of taking full responsibility

The biggest win from L-11 is that I feel/am in a greater sense of full responsibility for my life. Thank you for this gift.

Catherine Auman, LMFT

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Posted on April 2nd, 2015 | Category: Announcements

Steve finished his L11 about two months ago and
then went back to his home in the Midwest.

I was interested to see how he was doing in life after his
auditing, and he sent me this update.

Hi Trey,

I am doing really good!

My vigor has been restored.

I have new energy and vitality that surprises me.

My prostate issue has virtually disappeared.

My focus is the best it has been in 15 years.

People bother me much less as I am able to grant them beingness very freely.

I feel more genuine.

I am acutely aware of my actions and thoughts and can direct them with great certainty. My ability to as-is is remarkable.

I have not been putting out postulates to see if they are sticking, but rather I seem to be operating with intention, which seems to be working very well.

I am aware of my games and enjoy playing them and having them.

I’m sure there are more but these are really apparent to me.

I am continually amazed at what you and I did, how seemingly simple the commands, how seemingly unconnected the commands were to what has materialized! I continually wonder how LRH discovered the processes and commands that handle one’s case.

Thanks for getting me through L11. My current condition is largely due to your excellent auditing

I look forward to L10, and I am looking forward to our next session!

Thanks for asking!

ARC, Steve

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Posted on June 16th, 2014 | Category: Announcements

Suzy had been an experienced auditor in D.C and had
achieved the state of Clear, but had
dropped off the bridge for many years.

She decided to get back on the bridge and due to her hard work and
persistence, has completed L11, L12, The Solo Course, she audited herself on OT 1-3, has
completed Original OT 7, NOTS DRD, Certainty Processing, and finally NOTS!

She has reread all the basic books and has been listening
to LRH tapes daily. She is now auditing on SOLO NOTS.

She put off writing a success story for a while until she
had some perspective on how
her auditing wins were manifesting in her life.

It is important to me that my pcs are winning in life as well as in
session, and in both respects, Suzy has done fantastically!

Here is her success story:

OT V, Audited Nots, is hard won but is also most stabilizing in terms of reaching the OT state.

My auditor, Trey, and I had to confront every session as a team, ready for battle with the elements of the reactive universe.
As they say, it’s not for sissies!

Patience, fortitude and persistence were needed, but my abilities were enhanced along the way by gaining volumes of those very same qualities.
We left no stone unturned in our search, and under those stones I found new abilities and a new viewpoint from which to live the game.

Some of my abilities are; I took up guitar and then the bass guitar, I learned music theory ( thanks to Bob)
and I have developed an inquisitive and curious mind about subjects that I thought were beyond my comprehension and participation.
Subjects such as politics, world affairs, physics, philosophy, the environment and foreign languages.
I am even considering going back to college.

Trust me, I was not any kind of a student and only had interest and reality on the 7th dynamic.
I have had wins on that dynamic as well. After the Ls I collaborated on a musical comedy (never been a writer!)
and I just had a meeting with a Broadway producer who is nurturing the project.

I was most concerned with being an OT alone without any other OTs in the environment I am in.
I wondered how I would handle the world of dramatizing humanoids that I knew I had to coexist among.
My best ability gained was to KNOW to stay connected up with the truths I’ve discovered by getting onto my Solo Nots auditing.
And I cannot stress enough the training route.

I study or listen to source everyday. It’s a great tool, if you’re enturbulated, pick up any HCOB or tape, and you WILL blow charge.
It is 50% of your case gain, 50%! You gotta love that!

Thank you to LRH, and his stunning generous genius.

And Thank you to Trey (oh, Great One!) and Randy (Grand Boopah of Training).

I’m writing this because you all care so much.



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Posted on May 19th, 2014 | Category: Announcements

Steve drove out to LA from the Midwest for his first auditing
in the indie field.

We got a lot done in a week!

We did some setups, and then confirmed his Clear status.

He wrote in his Clear success story “I am certain now that I am Clear and
will no longer put my attention on this point.”

We then did L11. The resurgence of ARC and the expansion
of his space that he describes was also very visible and very impressive
to all of us.

Here is his success story:

First of all, being in the presence of Trey is being in the presence of
a true craftsman, one who seems to effortlessly execute the motions
of his craft.

What a privilege that is!

From the beginning, I felt a resurgence in my ARC and in my space.
I enjoyed being in comm with people more than I have in quite some

I was able to spot and as-is some of my bad habits in dealing with people and
this enabled my comm to flow so much better.

I also feel a resurgence in my desire to help on all dynamics, and a desire,
to expand my abilities and havingness.

Thanks to LRH and to Trey!


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Posted on May 2nd, 2014 | Category: Announcements

Kathy had a health challenge recently, so she
looked around for an auditor and found me on line.

After a great effort on her part to be sessionable and to
get someone to drive her several hours to get here, we were able to do this session.

It is amazing what you can accomplish in 43 minutes.


I recently had an auditing session with Trey Lotz.

He flew my ruds and that alone was INCREDIBLE!!!

Then he did a PTS cycle that totally handled a long, long, long time PTS situation that had been restimulated in PT and was literally destroying my health.

I was blown away by the simplicity of the application of the tech – just the way it should be!!!

Trey was “spot on” with his actions in the session and went right to the heart of the matter.

The best part of the cycle is that this one session has completely handled a problem that I’ve had my whole life – something has been making me MISERABLE for over 6 decades!

I have been unable to have any kind of an encounter with other people without coming away from it feeling like I’ve said and done all the wrong things. I would end up with my stomach in a knot of severe anxiety and worry, sometimes for hours and even days afterward. No matter how hard I tried to interact with others “correctly”, I was convinced that I had failed. I’ve never been able to be comfortable around other people as a result. And I would never dare say how I really felt about anything if it meant creating a clash of realities. On the job, I was always in the tone level of propitiation because I was convinced that someone was going to hit me and hit me HARD for the slightest mistake or error or deviation from what was “acceptable”. No matter how many things I did that were right, they lost all their value if I did one little thing wrong. I was always analytically aware that this was illogical and a product of my case, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

I’ve been in Scientology for almost 40 years and this condition has never been handled.

Since my recent session with Trey, I notice that this condition is GONE!!!

It’s been a whole week and no anxiety or worry. I am relaxed around other people and can do and say anything without agonizing over it later. I can make mistakes and it’s no big deal. I can laugh about it!


Thanks, Trey. You totally rock!!! And thanks, Ron. The correct tech correctly applied WORKS!!!


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Posted on April 7th, 2014 | Category: Announcements

At Play In This Universe

Catherine just attested to Clear!

Catherine had not ever been in the Church prior to
starting her auditing with me. The first auditing we did was Dianetics
Book 1.

We finished that to a really good win, and started on Certainty processing.
One day, when we were almost done with that, she said, “You know I think I went
Clear on the Dianetics auditing we did.“

She went on to say that since that auditing she could look back on her
track and find nothing that she had any charge on or that was upsetting to her!

We checked it out, and sure enough, she had achieved Clear!

Here is her success story for Clear and for 8-8008 Certainty Processing:

When I became clear, there was a qualitative change in perception, feeling, stability in myself and in being in the environment.

I now trust myself completely.

I trust myself to be able to handle anything.

Before, I felt as if all the work I had done on myself separated me from others and it felt lonely, now I feel that not only does it not separate me, being clear connects me. I used to worry that people didn’t like me, now I think, why wouldn’t they? I feel a kinship with everyone which I did not before. Everything seems amusing and that I am at play in the Universe.

It is worth every single iota of pain, money, time, struggle and effort that I made to get here, and it will be for you too.

Certainty Processing helped me to remember that all viewpoints are equal, although some may be more helpful than others. It helped me to anchor in the understanding that all this duality is an illusion. I had understood this before the process, but by going through each of the beliefs that are personal to me, it helped release the hold it had on me.

By standing in the middle of the two opposing viewpoints, you realize that either one or both or neither are true. It is very helpful to dig deep into the ones that are personal because when you do, the reality around them evaporates. By equally holding the opposite viewpoint, it becomes obvious what it is: merely an idea with no substance. The claw-like hold that it has on you unravels or instantaneously disappears.

It also helped me to release from the part of my mind that is a tormenter, because the opposite belief could just as well be true. It’s all just mind doing its thing. As others told me when I was complaining that Certainty Processing was boring, it ended up being one of the most helpful processes I’ve ever done.

Catherine Auman

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Posted on March 17th, 2014 | Category: Announcements

I wanted to post the talk I gave at the Indie convention for anyone who might be interested.

My talk relates insights and observations that I have had from auditing the Ls.

I have always been interested in how the tech makes it possible to understand and navigate through
the problems and conflicts that we all encounter in our daily lives and how we can use this knowledge to increase the ARC
and cooperation with those we live and work with and thus create more satisfying lives.

People are happiest when they are on purpose and winning.
Auditing and studying the tech helps people accomplish this.

Thanks to Ken Aaron who was nice enough to
video it and post it for me.



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Posted on February 10th, 2014 | Category: Announcements
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Posted on January 1st, 2014 | Category: Announcements

Mary arrived here 5 weeks ago for intensive auditing.
First we completed L11 where she wrote:

“I am so happy, I feel like a mountain has been moved off, and my space is tall and wide!”

Next was L12 where she wrote:

“This is easily the ‘punchiest,’ the most case gain auditing I have ever had, and
also the best time I have had in this lifetime, to say the least!

Then we embarked on her OT 5-NOTS which she finished today with a spectacular win!

“I completed NOTS today!

I experience myself in the world as free, big, able, and knowing, an immortal being who has never been anything else except when going down to have a game. This was achieved using LRH tech and by telling the Truth, My Truth!

This was not the “Self” I brought with me to Trey’s auditing room several weeks ago, a Self which was full of many things which weren’t me and weighed me down until I no longer recognized or could be “Myself Without Additives.”

Auditing is the high road to freedom and ability.

Thank you Trey for being a world-class auditor and for making this freedom possible.

No one, NO ONE should depart this life without completing OT 5!!


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Posted on October 14th, 2013 | Category: Announcements

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